Global Seed Savers

We envision hunger-free and healthy communities with access to sustainable, farmer-produced seeds and food.

Global Seed Savers supports smallholder farmers in creating local food sovereignty and fostering a healthy environment through technical training and the establishment of community-owned and operated seed libraries.

Our Approach to Food Sovereignty

We support Filipino smallholder farmers access to organic seeds, technical education and training programs that lead to food sovereignty for our partner communities. We believe this is the best way to tackle food sovereignty and build a more food and climate secure world.

We launched the first of it’s kind collaborative Seed Library in 2017. Managed by the Benguet Association of Seed Savers (BASS). BASS aims to save, replant, and share their own seeds just as their ancestors did, while also benefiting from new, ecologically sound technologies. We know that seed saving is a form of insurance against food insecurity. It is also a concrete way for farmers to counter the loss of food diversity and the environmental destruction that comes with industrial agriculture.