Oakland Happy Hour Event

Supporting Communities for Alternative Food Ecosystems Initiative and Global Seed Savers

The biggest thing you can do
for the future of food
is to understand that every time
you’re going to the grocery store,
you’re voting with your dollars.
Support your farmers market.
Protect local and organic farming.
Save your endemic seeds.
Grow your own edible garden.
Learn to cook.

~ inspired by Alice Waters

Join Global Seed Savers and Communities for Alternative Food Ecosystems Initiative for a fun Happy Hour in Oakland, CA supporting our dedicated Filipino Organic Farming partners in Cebu, Philippines.

In 2017, Global Seed Savers (GSS) and Communities for Alternative Food EcoSystems Initiative (CAFEi) began a collaborative partnership to bring seed saving and sustainable agriculture training programs to farmers in the province of Cebu. This collaboration is now growing and has launched a Seed Library in Cebu that is ensuring farmers have access to their own locally produced open pollinated seeds.

Founders and Executive Directors of both organizations Sherry Manning of Global Seed Savers and Teresa D. Ruelas joining from the Philippines of Communities for Alternative Food Ecosystems Initiative will be at the event to share about their collaborative work and plans for the future!

Please make a donation here to support the collaborative work of Global Seed Savers and Communities for Alternative Food EcoSystems Initiative (CAFEi) working together to build a more food and seed sovereign Philippines!

Discounted pre-sale tickets to the event can be purchased here: https://conta.cc/2LFMUHy

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