A Ray of Hope through Aduyon (Michael's Page)

From Relief to Sustainability

“There is a ray of hope, that through special project Aduyon, the local agriculture sector could be revolutionized and could lead to real upliftment of socio-economic status.”

  • Jeffrey Sotero, Global Seed Savers Philippines Board Secretary and Municipal Agriculture Officer in Tublay, Benguet

COVID-19 has highlighted the inequities in global supply chains and the challenges of moving food outside of locked down communities. Our partner farmers were unable to sell their products and the country’s most vulnerable in urban areas were left with less access to fresh healthy food. However, through our Aduyon Initiative these challenges were met and food reached needed communities. It also helped our partner farmers to maintain their livelihood during the pandemic.

The Aduyon Initiative is now blossoming into long-term recovery efforts and sustainability for expanded food security and seed sovereignty.

Learn more about these efforts and Support the Aduyon Initiative today: https://globalseedsavers.giv.sh/c47f.

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