Alisha and Friends Support Global Seed Savers

Helping Filipino Farmers Access the Seeds to Their Future

Hi friends and family,

You all know about my passion for sustainable agriculture and by now, many of you are aware that I am co-owner of a local seed company that specializes in bio-regionally adapted, open pollinated seed. But some of you might not understand what that means and why it is important.

Human’s relationship with seed has been evolving for millennia. Without adapted seed, without our ancestors carefully choosing and saving seeds best suited to their environments and tastes, our civilization would have never developed.

Sadly, over the past 50-60 years, we have lost and forgotten this ritual as our agricultural systems have become globalized and industrialized. Collectively, we have lost over 90% of our crop biodiversity due to concentrated efforts to cultivate only a handful of crops and monoculture practices – severely limiting the resiliency of our crops and leading to over reliance on pesticides and genetically modified crops.

Saving and cultivating open-pollinated seeds (seeds that will reproduce true to form, unlike treated/patented seed) is one of the best ways to fight back against this trend, improve biodiversity and take back some control over our food. This is also one of the best tools we have against climate change and the affect it has on food production!

This is important work here, in your own back yard, but the majority of the world’s food supply is still produced by small-holder farmers in developing countries. Not only that, but these farmers are incredibly vulnerable to global markets and pressure from agricultural conglomerates.

It isn't every day that you personally can take a direct step to improve the lives of farmers like these, but today you CAN!

As Board Treasurer of Global Seed Savers, I am asking you today to make a difference in the lives of an amazing group of farmers in the Philippines. Global Seed Savers has been doing incredible work in one of the most climate vulnerable nations for over ten years now. Starting out as a Peace Corps project, and quickly growing into a new model for sustainable small-holder farming, supporting GSS helps you invest directly in the future of our food.

For the cost of one night out to eat, or a handful of beers/lattes/ kombucha you can help Filipino farmers learn how to grow and save their own seeds. This also helps them sell their own seeds back to the community – doubling the impact and creating an important revenue stream that can more than double a family’s annual disposable income!

Please consider donating to this cause TODAY! I would not ask you if I didn’t believe whole heartedly in this cause. Not only that, donating to Global Seed Savers a fantastic way to make your donation dollars go the extra distance. Even a small amount makes all the difference for a GSS farmer.

I have an ambitious goal of raising $2,000 for this campaign! However, if you are able, please consider making a gift that you can make a recurring monthly donation. This provides critical funds for GSS operations and helps us plan strategically, knowing we have a steady monthly income to pay our staff.

Be sure to check out the main crowdfunding page to learn more about the impact of GSS work, but here is a snapshot to give you an idea:

Our Solutions Ensures Farmers Success
We offer strategies that allow farmers to end their dependence on unsustainable practices and build economic sustainability.

“ Through my involvement as a farmer with Global Seed Savers and BASS, I have learned the deep importance of seed saving to my organic farming practice. I am honored to be a part of this organization and share this knowledge with my children, this work has changed my life.” - Organic Farmer Cesar Galvey and Vice-President of Global Seed Savers Philippines

Funds raised during this campaign will support the following strategic initiatives of Global Seed Savers in the coming year:

  • Host three additional Seed Schools in new communities of the Philippines.
  • Open one new seed library in a new partner community of the Philippines. Ensuring a community of at least 40,000 people have access to locally produced non-chemical seeds.
  • Create a network of seed savers throughout the country and supporting sharing and safety back-up of seeds. Ensuring the long-term safety of seeds in the face of climate change.
  • Scale the production, marketing, and monitoring and evaluating of BASS member seed production and sales. Funds will support hiring a new team member to manage and monitor this program and support the sales and marketing of larger scale production and varieties of local seeds.

Thank you for supporting our growing movement!

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    Sue Geshel donated $100.
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    Sue Geshel

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    Julie Williams Williams

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    Scot Kreider

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    Erin Purdy

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