Support Filipino farmers!

Help deepen our impact in the Philippines!

I am a proud board member for an amazing organization, Global Seed Savers. Our small, but powerful organization supports smallholder farmers in the Philippines. Through our programs, we provide trainings and education to these farmers on seed saving, crop diversity, permaculture design principle, and environmentally-friendly organic farming practices. We are empowering our farmers to be self-sufficient and self-reliant, while implementing better organic farming and seed practices.

You know I have a great love for food and I believe that stems from my Filipino roots, where the minute you walk into a home, you are offered a full, delicious meal. Even if you have just eaten, you will end up eating again! Thinking about the food I consume daily, I cannot help but wonder how the process of it getting to my plate. Have you ever thought the same? Climate change is a reality and it is happening quickly! We need to be conscious of what we consume and how we contribute to it all. But there are ways we can reverse this. Together we can make little changes to create a bigger impact! Through climate resiliency, we can respond by adapting to these expected changes and their impacts by making social, ecological, and economic adjustments. This is the core of Global Seed Savers!

Knowing the stories of the farmers Global Seed Savers works with, like Elizabeth's (read her story here), and how deeply connected they are to my own culture, I can only appreciate their hard work and resilience.

Will you join me today in supporting farmers like Elizabeth and deepen our impact in the Philippines? Supporters like you make our work possible, so please consider donating today!

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